What charger is right for me?

Quick. Efficient. Reliable. These three main qualities have allowed chargers to conquer the market within a concise space of time. But, often, choosing the ideal charger isn’t relatively easy. Initially, interested individuals are literally “overrun” by a flood of information when conducting relevant research. This is understandable since the range of 11 kW and 22 kW charges, in particular, is enormous.

Following articles that we carefully prepared will help to make the right decision, if you don't mind.

Point 1
Charging time vs. battery life

The charging time is crucial for many people when buying a charger.

Point 2
The cost factor

When comparing the acquisition costs, differences in this respect are only minor. But which is the more cost-effective option?

Point 3
Have an outlook for the future

Consider buying a more powerful charger not to limit your choice of future electric vehicles.

The key considerations in a nutshell

At first glance, the advantages of the 11 kW and 22 kW chargers balance one another. However, relevant differences are emerging on some points.

pre-purchase check - B Electric OÜ

pre-purchase check

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Among our range of installation services, we can provide the installation check before you purchase EV chargers for your houshold or buisness
This service includes:
  • On-site inspection of existing power grid and electrical installations
  • one technician visits, including a 1-hour pre-installation visit (Please ensure you're available for 1 hours on the scheduled date for the installation visit).
  • Submission of a non-binding cost estimate offer if individual, additional installation work is required (e.g. transfer of cables or installation of fuses)