Charging station eMH3 22kW - B Electric OÜ
Charging station eMH3 22kW - B Electric OÜ
Charging station eMH3 22kW - B Electric OÜ

Charging station eMH3 22kW


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You can now equip two parking spaces with a single charging station to charge two electric cars simultaneously. When only one electric car is connected, it receives full charging power, and when two cars are connected at the same time, each gets half that power.
With two charging point eMH3 is the ideal solution for multiple unit installations on company or hotel parking lots.
Maks. laadimisvõimsus 22 kW
Värv must
Laadimispunktide arv 2
Kaabli pikkus -
Pistiku tüüp Tüüp 2 pistik
Nimivool 32A
Pinge 230/400 V
Faas 3-faasiline
Ohutusfunktsioonid DC kaitse
Ühenduse tüüp -
Võrguhaldussüsteem -
Kaal 5,7 kg.
Toote mõõdud (lxkxp) 400 x 492 x 192 mm
Paigaldamine Sein/post
Kaitseaste IP54
Juurdepääsu haldamine RFID
Energiamõõtur -
  • Charging station
  • instruction manual
  • RFID cards or 2 keys

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charger eMH3

Space-saving charging station for buisness customers

Features that you will love

DC fault current detection & Type A RCCB

The combination of DC fault current detection module and Type A RCCB provides a complete solution. This makes Type B or Type EV RCCBs redundant. If a DC fault current is detected in the charging circuit, charging is interrupted for 30 seconds. At the end of this period, the Wallbox restarts automatically.

Phase current measurement

The integrated phase current measurement protects against overload and asymmetry in all variants with charging sockets and the cable variant.

Welding detection

Welding detection is covered by hardware technology. The residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) is tripped remotely if a contactor weld occurs.

Integrated temperature monitoring

Integrated temperature monitoring protects the eMH1 Wallbox from overheating. Should the temperature exceed the limit, it reduces the charging output of the Wallbox or switches it off completely. If the temperature drops again, the eMH1 Wallbox automatically switches back to total charging output.


With the Wallbox eMH3, loads can be controlled, and, in conjunction with a backend, billing by kWh can be carried out accurately.

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