What kind of plugs are there for electric cars?

The EU Parliament's draft law states that type 2 has been the European standard for charging infrastructures since April 2014. However, there is still a variety of EV plugs you must know about.

Below we explain these, starting from the most common one so you can connect a charging station equipped with a type 2 socket to a vehicle equipped with a type 1 plug.

Type 2 plug

The triple-phase plug’s primary distribution area is Europe and is considered the standard model in private spaces, where charging power levels are up to 22 kW.

Most public charging stations are equipped with a type 2 socket as well. Charging power levels there are up to 43 kW. All our mode 3 charging cables can be used with this plug.

Industrial sockets

Following industrial sockets and plugs can be used to charge your electric vehicle:

- As a single-phase blue option, the so-called camping plug with a charging power of up to 3.7 kW (230 V, 16 A)

- as a triple-phase red version for industrial sockets

- small industrial plug (CEE 16) allows for charging power levels of up to 11 kW (400 V, 26 A)

- the large industrial plug (CEE 32) allows for charging power levels of up to 22 kW (400 V, 32 A)

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pre-purchase check

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Among our range of installation services, we can provide the installation check before you purchase EV chargers for your houshold or buisness
This service includes:
  • On-site inspection of existing power grid and electrical installations
  • one technician visits, including a 1-hour pre-installation visit (Please ensure you're available for 1 hours on the scheduled date for the installation visit).
  • Submission of a non-binding cost estimate offer if individual, additional installation work is required (e.g. transfer of cables or installation of fuses)