The key considerations in a nutshell

The key considerations in a nutshell - B Electric OÜ

At first glance, the advantages of the 11 kW and 22 kW chargers balance one another. However, relevant differences are emerging on some points.

Powerful 22 kW chargers make charging far more flexible in terms of fast charging time. But, generally speaking, an 11 kW charger is sufficient for private individuals since it allows them to charge their electric car overnight without any problems. Additionally, most vehicles are 11 kW-capable, but only a few are compatible with 22 kW charging power. So it is highly advisable to always find your own electric car’s possibilities in advance. What’s more, an 11 kW charger can be installed without significant administrative effort.

In general, the 11 kW variant has become an established solution in the domestic charging segment, while the 22 kW variant is the standard in the public sector.

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