Where is this journey taking you?

Where is this journey taking you? - B Electric OÜ

If we leave the use at home to one side, a charging power of 22 kW is already standard in the “public charging” sector, like parking lots and supermarkets. Even fast charging stations with 350 kW can be found occasionally there. So 22 kW chargers are becoming a new standard, as If we look at the current registration figures – electric cars with 11 kW charging power are currently being sold for the most part (as of summer 2022).

And as the 22 kW charger can also be operated permanently at 11 kW, you can choose it anyway, not to limit your choice of future electric vehicles. In that case, you will not face additional installation costs if you purchase the second EV in your household or swap your existing EV for a more powerful one.

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