Charger Gemini - B Electric OÜ
Charger Gemini - B Electric OÜ
Charger Gemini - B Electric OÜ
Charger Gemini - B Electric OÜ
Charger Gemini - B Electric OÜ

Charger Gemini


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The compact charging station for stationary use, at home or at the workplace. Simple installation, intuitive operation and smart comfort functions.
Maks. laadimisvõimsus 22 kW
Värv valge
Laadimispunktide arv 1
Kaabli pikkus -
Pistiku tüüp Tüüp 2 pistik
Nimivool 32 A
Pinge 230/400 V
Faas 3-faasiline
Ohutusfunktsioonid DC kaitse
Ühenduse tüüp WiFi
Võrguhaldussüsteem OCPP 1.6 / Modbus TCP
Kaal 2,34 kg.
Toote mõõdud (lxkxp) 260 x 110 x 155 mm
Paigaldamine Sein
Kaitseaste IP55
Juurdepääsu haldamine RFID / APP / PIN
Energiamõõtur integreeritud
  • Charging station
  • instruction manual
  • RFID cards or 2 keys

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Charging made easy

Plug in to charge, and unplug to drive. EVBox Elvi makes charging as easy as possible by letting you control charging sessions with your phone and helps you save on electricity by charging during cheaper hours.

Features that you will love

go-e Gemini

Everything You Need to Charge Smart

Once you integrate the go-e Charger into your WiFi network, you can conveniently control and monitor the charging process from anywhere in the world. You can also have the charging station send notifications about the charging status in certain situations.

go-e Gemini

Easy multiple charge setup

Activate static load balancing via the app to safely operate several chargers on the same circuit. This distributes not only the available power within the group of chargers to prevent overloading but also allows you to set priorities for every Charger.

go-e Gemini

An electrician can install this charger very easily by connecting it to a junction box in no time. The unit comes with a wall bracket, screws, and dowels. Moreover, you also receive a U-piece designed for anti-theft purposes.

Smart Charging with go-e App

Free download

Monitor and change charging status at any time

Adapt charging processes to personal requirements

Personalization, authorization, and reading electricity metre

Many other smart comfort and security settings

Available in nine languages

Ready to start charging?

Installing your EV charger just got easier

Add installation right at checkout and ensure your charger is installed quickly and safely, with no hidden fees.

add installation

1 charger = 1 tree

We plant a Tree for Every Product You Buy from us.

Fast & Frendly suport

We resolve 67% of all queries in the first call.

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