Which is the more cost-effective option?

Which is the more cost-effective option? - B Electric OÜ

When comparing the acquisition costs, differences in this respect are only minor. But during installation, on the other hand, you can save costs. Indeed, technical modifications often have to be made before installing a 22 kW charger. Structural adaptation measures aren’t uncommon, especially in older buildings. On the other hand, If your house connection is not dimensioned for high charging currents and the expansion is associated with high costs, then the 11 kW charger variant would be the right choice.

To determine your existing connection charging power, you will need to know the number of phases, the voltage, and the amperage of your power connection. For a triple-phase connection, how the charging station is connected to the network is also essential. It will depend on whether the voltage is 230 V or 400 V, arranged in a star or delta connection. If you have this information to hand, you can quickly work out the values using the following formula:

Number of phases X Voltage X Amperage = Charging Power (kW)


  • Number of phases can be 1 or 3
  • Voltage  230V or 400V
  • Amperage 16A or 32A
If you are not 100% sure what is available charging power, you can order from us an installation check before you purchase a charger from us.

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